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TRANSPORT EXCHANGE - www.transport.com.mk

TRANSPORT.COM.MK is a web based system for administrating with freight and vehicle offers and demands in Macedonia as well as across Europe. This system offers an easy exchange of information between various companies: transporters, forwarding agencies, traders, manufacturers......

Services provided by transport.com.mk are FREE OF CHARGE! The following Terms and Conditions of Use should be respected.

To post freight or free transport vehicles, or to view information of companies which have already posted freight or free transport vehicles, you need to be registered. For clarification on procedures and other general information ref transport exchange click here.

For companies that offer loads for transport (traders, manufacturers, forwarding agencies...):
  • Free registration!
  • Save time and money (reduce costs)!
  • Free announcement of loads requiring a transport!
  • Opportunity to receive transport offers from different transport companies for the shortest period of time!
  • Choose the right transporter for favorable price!
  • The most efficient way to work (no additional spending time and expensive telephone contact)!
  • . . .
For transport companies:
  • Free registration!
  • Optimal use of the transport vehicles!
  • Opportunity to post transport capacity that requires loads!
  • . . .
Finally you have a chance to reduce the number of empty tours. Do not let your vehicle move empty.
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